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Ingeniería Lanzarote
Ingeniería en Lanzarote Ingeniería en Lanzarote Ingeniería en Lanzarote

JOMAR INGENIERÍA, is a young company with 10 years experience in the canary market.

The philosophy of JOMAR INGENIERÍA is flexibility, this gives us the necessary skills to adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers.

In JOMAR INGENIERÍA, we think that the objective of the development of an engineering project is the spend control, so we look after achieve a balance between design, economy and safety.

We have the knowledge and enough contacts to go through all the steps of the process, working together with skilled professionals in a wide variety of areas.

With this environment we are pretty sure that in JOMAR INGENIERÍA we will find the best way to develop your project, from the begining to the end, with quality and safety, and at suitable cost.
Jomar Ingeniería, S.L.
C/ Quesera, 22
35510 Puerto del Carmen - Lanzarote
Tel.: 928 51 13 46
Fax: 928 51 09 23
Apdo. Correos nº 134
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